4 ways to set your table for festivities.

Let’s put some good music on and get into the right spirit!

We are going to leave soon for Italy where I will finally see my mom again, sisters and brother, in-laws, cousins, my girlfriends, friends…it feels good.
I must remember though, that the majority of time will be spent on, well…eating.
Of course, there will be cuddles, love and fun but the game will be mostly played on the table so why don’t we set it nicely?
Let’s put some good music on and get into the right spirit!

I have a few rules I follow in order to master the right table setting:

1. Let all your exceptions of perfectionism go.
This is not a competition, ‘tis the time to be together. A perfectly simple table will do: there is no need for anything mega fancy, really and no one will judge you for setting up a plain table. And if they do, they shouldn’t.

2. KISS, keep it smart and simple. 
Start from the basics of a classic place setting and build from there. Organise the plates, glassware and cutlery, use clean tablecloth and napkins and arrange them in a practical way: if there are kids at the table too, you would probably like them to have a more careful consideration about where knives are placed, for example. When you have finished with it, ninety percent of your job is done.

3. Make it ‘green’.
I like to be seasonal and I love to use not only flowers but greens also, leaves, fruits, pine cones. This way, you can support your local farmer as well and create an original composition instead of buying expensive traditional centrepieces. It has been very trendy lately so don’t be scared of being too much outside the lines (by the way, be unique and special rocks!).

4. Print it pretty.
Make your loved ones feel welcome and print a nice customised name tag. They will surely appreciate this little gesture which adds a final touch to the table. I have prepared a simple place card for you: just print it and add your guest’s name!

Hope this will help you a bit with your Christmas preparation and table dressing.
Now you only have to kiss a lot, snuggle up, clean the mess. Repeat ❤

Enjoy your Christmas!



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