The story with books: a gift guide

There are books I’m fondly attached to and, even if sometimes I don’t clearly remember the story in details...

I have always thought books were the perfect gift for every occasion: birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day, you name it.

There are books I’m fondly attached to and, even if sometimes I don’t clearly remember the story in details (getting older, my friends, getting older). I would never throw them away.
I am also not the type of person who reads on electronic devices: I love the smell of a good book, the texture of its paper on my finger, the sound of a page that turns.

There are also other reasons why I love buying – and receiving – books.

A book is that precious thing that gives you the time to be creative, even if you (think you) are not.

It makes you imagine people, landscapes, feelings and objects and offers them for your enjoyment.

And for the same reason, a book can give you freedom, the privilege and ability to be whatever you want.

I went from being Holden from The Catcher in the Rye (yes, you can also switch sex) to Lizzie Bennett in Pride and Prejudice, as well as the cat in The Daydreamer.

A book gives you knowledge. You can learn SO much from books and I have started to find them particularly useful to better track my kids social and emotional growth. It can get quite hard to find the right support in these areas: though apparently a paradox, it is easier when children are younger and ‘just’ get sick. You give them a medicine and they’ll heal.

When it comes to the mind, it’s a lot trickier, am I right?

A book gives you that brainy function I sometimes miss in my life.

Let’s face it, there are days when we spend a little too much time swiping apps, right?

Which is something honestly needed every now and then! I love time myself to be thoughtless…however, I reckon that being ‘conscious’ is a much better pleasure 🙂

A book gives you time and comfort. I love reading a book on the sofa with a nice blanket on my legs, staying cozy and immersed in a catching story. Well…the scenario is probably quite different when you are a mom and the only moments you have for reading are past midnight or when locked in your toilet. Kidding (?).

Still, it’s a luxurious me-time I would never live without.

And Master of None is also over so, what’s your next book?

Here a selection of my fav ‘light’ books, perfect as a truly relaxing gift.

Hope this will give you some inspiration for your Christmas presents too.


List of books:

1.  Here we are, Oliver Jeffers
2. The Kinfolk Entrepreneur, Nathan Williams
3. Murder on the Orient Express, Agatha Christie
4. The art of Winnie The Pooh, E.H.Shepard
5. New Nordic Colour, Antonia Af Petersens
6. The world atlas of street food, Carol Wilson and Sue Quinn
7. Obama, the call of history, Peter Baker
8. This is New York, M.Sasek
9. Kindness, Jaime Thurston
10. Where to drink coffee, Ross and Clayton


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