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The Slow Sippers event series

"You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough people get what they want".

There is a special pleasure in helping other people reach their goals.
It pays me back a lot to see the happiness on their face when they discover something new or learn from a discussion together or when we transform what seems an obstacle into the distinctive angle we were looking for.

There is something selfish in that.
I try to create connections because it makes me feel good and this is something that gratifies me the most.
But I digress.

“You can have everything in life you want
if you will just help enough people get what they want”.

Zig Ziglar, author and speaker

The Slow Sippers event series: network and learning.

The philosophy behind the series of the Slow Sippers events is to network with other business owners and creative in Zürich while creating meaningful connections and learning new things.

As you may already know, I work as a digital marketing consultant and collaborate with blogs, magazines and brands. All of this while putting sustainability at the core of my work ethic.
It means that when you work together, we will find a business model that will merge smoothly with your life as a person.

The first event for the Slow Sippers

On February the 4th, I will show you some of my competencies in my first workshop about Instagram and how I work with my clients, helping them grow their reach and engagement.

The workshop is called The Intentional Social Media: I will walk you through the most-used app’s basics and show you how to intentionally plan your work and start seeing results

At the end of the workshop, we will enjoy the company and the delicious vegan food of Urban Razoi and I cannot wait!

The location is CWC Co-working Zürichsee
Tuesday the 4th of February at 9 am.
The event will last approximately two hours.

How to attend the Slow Sippers workshop

Sign up below to:
+ Request a confirmation of participation for my workshop,
+ Shake hands with local business owners and share experiences,
+ Receive a 10% off for your first 90 minutes consultation with me,
+ Be informed of all future workshops and networking events.

I hope to see you there!
We will be able to accommodate twenty people max.
Be sure to sign up today if you don’t want to miss it.

*Reena of Urban Razoi and I will not ask for any contribution for organising the event. However, the owner at the co-working requires a fee of 10 francs for each participant as reimbursement for cleaning services. Thank you for your understanding.

The Slow Sippers:
wanna follow along?

I always encourage to share reviews of these workshops: the fun, the reflections, the tips.
In this particular case of Instagram, the algorithm will thank you too.
Feel free to use the hashtag #mywanderkind to stay in touch and discover what boils in the networking pot.

Would you like to be our sponsor for the next event?

In the future, I will normally charge a fee for some of the workshops I am organizing. However, I would like to keep free of charge some of the events regarding networking.

If you are a brand or organization willing to provide you with extra visibility and us with a nice venue, food or event favors, please do not hesitate to keep in touch and I will be happy to discuss all details with you.
You can send me an email with the subject cooperation.
Thank you.

About the author
Hi, I’m Chiara, an Italian landed in Zürich in 2011. I like to help people finding their way to the sustainable use of social media, without sacrificing results. I like to write about mindfulness and all things real.


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