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The five things you want to check about your family and the joy of letting go.

Another gem place, a quiet spot in the heart of the city. Good espresso, stylish bar, excellent location for the kids to play.

The thing with Pietro is that he does not stand loud noise and all types of sudden clutter make him completely bonkers.
Going with him to any sort of rackety event is like assisting to torture so we stopped.
Until the last Sechselaeuten in Zürich.


The sun was shining, hubby had a half-day off, Bianca was someone similar to a healthy toddler (she is catching EVERYTHING lately) so I kept it casual, brought them all to the city center and wait for the parade to begin.

Well, it is Zürich we’re talking about so you probably will not find anything really chaotic here (although someone could maybe draw some light on the Openair, please?!): the parade was perfectly organised (as always, they are masters of arrangement), they even got numbers on the benches on the main street so that people could book the seat in advance. I’m Italian and, after five years, still speechless, AH!

Although I was there to enjoy the show, and I surely did, I couldn’t help but wander and let my mind digress on other thoughts.

The thing that triggered all this was basically the joy of letting go:

1) Bianca was wearing an ice-cream soaked t-shirt that, worn with her smile, was the finest cloth on the Bahnhofstrasse;
2) Pietro was admiring the parade ecstatically and without trouble and I immediately stopped wanting him to be an Aquarius like mommy, he’s just splendid the way he is;
3) My kids are both fit, strong and healthy with no major difficulty or burden and I am a lucky mother.
I am also a fortunate sister, still I know how hard it was for my mom;
4) When Bianca decided to run away and I wasn’t prompt enough to stop her, I thanked my star for my hubby who happens to be our family superhero (still unsure between Flash and The Thing);
5) Sometimes you really need a coffee without requiring any caffeine, so you decide to have a break, sit down at Milch Bar and savor life all together.

Another gem place, a quiet spot in the heart of the city.
Good espresso, stylish bar, excellent location for the kids to play (they can run freely around the big fountain of an idyllic courtyard in the middle of the city), love the graphic design they’ve chosen, from cups to website.
They also serve fresh juices, drinks, wines and they have a beautifully decorated restaurant I would love to try one day.

Another interesting tip: leaving your child under the not-so-hot sun for a more five minutes will help you put them to bed earlier in the evening. They get much more tired. Tested. Harmless practise.

Milch Bar
Kappelergasse 16
8001 Zürich
Tel. +41 (0)44 211 90 12

And you? Any story to share about being grateful or about making them sleep? Both are appreciate!


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