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The Butterfly Effect.

Friendship possesses this sort of butterfly effect and by that, I mean I am now much nicer with hubby.

Last week I’ve got a present from hubby, one of those gift who makes you wonder if you’re really getting hysterical at home but who cares: I was sent to Milan for a spa weekend with girlfriend! (now, of course, you too can take hysteria as a card to play to getting a present).

Needless to say, in less of 24 hours, I felt like new.

Most of it was by virtue of Caterina, although I know you were thinking about waxing, hairdresser, manicure and other beauty deals. The truth is, friendship is the most powerful refreshing quick fix of all times and it can take seconds for you to feel a better version of yourself. I didn’t even touched the train platform when I welcomed a broad happy smile on my face.

Friendship possesses this sort of butterfly effect and by that, I mean I am now much nicer with hubby.

(Boomerang gift? We could debate).

Still, I really needed the hairdresser and the whole caboodle (mischief!) so I’ve got a last minute appointment in of the Aveda centre in Milan, Caruso Porta Romana 131.

Organic tea with no sugar no rubbish and a head massage as a welcome ritual, a quiet place, lovely people, excellent products (I had a natural gloss and never needed to scratch my head along the process), on-time service and beautiful setting.

Definitely a place to share with you!

Caterina and I literally wander for a good hour in the area before hitting the warm spring and accidentally (yeah, sure) found a small shop selling lasagne (yes, you heard it right, lasagne: you need to fill up a bit for a feeling of higher wellness after your beauty treatment, no? 🙂

The place is called Sorry Mama (because you betray your mom for these lasagne): they cook and serve you lasagne with just the simple and genuine ingredients, as mom teaches us.

sorry mama

They prepare something new every day, in the little kitchen behind, and they proudly experiment the food with courageous combinations, reinterpreting classic lasagna in a modern key.

We had two lasagne (the place is small but the portion aren’t pocket size), polpette and a bowl of ragú for making scarpetta, water and, obviously, coffee.
Guys of Sorry Mama, you should really grow big and come to Zürich too because there ain’t no mama here to betray!

Finally, the icing on the cake: QC Terme Spa.
It is a wellness center and thermal bad in the city center of Milan (the group has several other locations all across Italy).
I could spend lots of words in reviewing this place, let’s just say we entered at 1.30 and went out at 23.30.
Does this give you the picture?

Yes, we both needed some time off the hook, but this place is seriously cool: the buffet room was a ball room during the 1930’s and still got some of that glamour.
It was Friday but not packed at all although, if you are like me, I suggest you to go during the week for the perfect quiet and relaxation.
They have events you can freely partecipate to and all sorts of massages and beauty treatments.

I was only an hour away from my mom and for the perfect coffee (seriously).

We took a train to Verona, met my mom who we thought she had a paresis for the happiness when she saw me, drank the best coffee even at Caffé Coloniale (who deserves one day a post itself on the blog) and finally joined some amazing women who are changing the game of my city with their artisanal skills and passions (I will surely write more about them because their love must be shared).


I had a blast that weekend. 

I felt so grateful for all the things I have in my life: my hubby, my friend, my mom, my sisters, my health, my coffees and the two amazing creatures who were waiting for me when I got home, for a last good-night kiss.



More details for you to know if you are interested in design and new craftsmanship..
QC Terme uses Lago furnitures for its interiors and it is just perfect for the location: a great combination of modern and classic.
The wonderful women involved in renewing the concept of handicraft, value and promotion of quality products in Verona and beyond are the following and you really should check them out, stop by and say hello!

Kiddy Kabane 
Felicità a pacchi
FiluFilu Bags
La Pinotteria
Foto Piperita
The Yellow Peg


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