I believe good things cannot be rushed, which doesn’t mean to go slow, ditch plans just to snuggle in bed, reading on the sofa, stay in your PJ. 
Although it can all look dreamy that is not THE point now.

To no rush things, and sipping it slowly, means taking consciousness of what feels meaningful to you. 
It is all about quality: quality of time, of relationships, of purchases too and even of your work.

It is about taking the significant decisions that best match your life, for how it is organised at a specific time. 

Like a newly mom won’t be much into night-outs but will probably have a thing for cookies (ops, did I say that?), we all value things differently in our phases of life: you may not be the same person you were five years ago or you may not lead the same life.

The principle remains the same though: by valuing your choices and by living intentionally, you will end up finding more purpose and, therefore, possibly leading a happier life. 
With or without the cookies.


The Art of Slow Sipping:
what you will find.

If you share this attitude and choose to get along, these are the topics you will find on this blog:

  • my tips for intentional use of Instagram;
  • how I can work with you to build an authentic presence online;
  • an evolving list on hashtags I group together in a newsletter, plus the Zürich special edition hashtag list;
  • my freebies;
  • the people behind the cup, in other words, the amazing community of people I met in Zürich during the years;
  • small community event programs for local entrepreneurs, aka Slow Sippers;
  • general lifestyles tips and news under the column Slow Sipping.

Hope you will enjoy the company.
xo, Chiara

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