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Pourtoujours, a shop called home.

The strongest sense to all the social buzz: to connect in person, to learn a story and be able to share it.

I met Salome this Spring, after the usual exchange of messages on our social media. I love finding out new people willing to share their passions and dreams and when I glimpse the chance to meet them in person, I get very happy and can’t actually wait to talk face to face. 
In the end, to me, this is the strongest sense to all the social buzz: to connect in person, to learn a story and be able to share it.

Salome is how you expect her, a friendly young woman and the gracious hostess of her pretty shop in Zürich city, Pourtojours.
Salome’s story is one of the sweetest I heard and I urge you to not jump down to the Proust Questionnaire immediately.
Although yes, glancing at the answers is always tempting!

If you want to know more about the journey of a store, keep reading, and if you have the chance, stop by and meet Salome in a shop we may call home.

pourtoujours zürich
Salome on the beautiful stair inside Pourtoujours.

Pourtoujours, a shop called home: interview with Salome Christiani

Salome, we would love you to share your beautiful story with us.
Please tell us, what were you doing before finding Pourtoujours?

Pourtoujours, I was (and still am) a singing teacher. Music has always been a part of my life. My mom always says I sang before I started speaking. I also helped many artists and bands to find their musical path, I organised concerts, sang on different stages in Switzerland and abroad, … In short, I wasn’t bored.

pourtoujours zürich
Lovely and simply gorgeous products.
pourtoujours zürich

What was the feeling when you found out your soul-shop, if I may call it like this. And how your life has changed after?

Indescribable. Pourtoujours arrived when I least expected it. Do you know the sensation you feel when you are convinced that a certain path is yours, whatever may happen in life? I felt exactly like this. I knew the store would have been mine even during the first interview with the previous owner. It is a beautiful feeling that I wish to everyone! It gives so much self-confidence, especially when a situation is difficult or there seems to be no way out from a problem.

pourtoujours zürich

Did you already have a precise idea in mind of what you wanted to sell and how to display it? 

I think so. Let me explain. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to “sell” a feeling rather than a specific product. My desire is to enrich and embellish the home of every woman not only by offering beautiful products but also by giving a feeling of value and respect to each person entering Pourtoujours. I knew from the beginning the feeling I wanted to spread but I didn’t know exactly what kind of products I wanted to sell. Obviously, the products I buy and sell here at the shop I would use them all at home: it is my style and this is what makes Pourtoujours unique.

Was it difficult to manage the bureaucracy in transferring the shop ownership or to take care of big/minor improvements of interiors? Do you have some tips you would like to share with who may have the same dream of owning a shop?

Yes and yes again! It was, on many occasions, hard and painful labour. As for the changing ownership of the shop, the most difficult part was the emotional involvement in the project. Everything that went wrong, I took it personally. For example: when the former owner did not respond promptly to urgent questions I used to panic and think that maybe the owner changed her mind or other similar tragedies! Of course, bureaucracy does not make things simple but all is absolutely feasible. You need a healthy dose of patience and time.
I would have a thousand tips to give to those who have the same dream as me but I will just give you the three most important ones.

A. Ask yourself if you are willing to work 200% and make sacrifices. Being your own boss is nice but it involves a lot of efforts and a lot of time. Don’t underestimate the job!

B. What makes your store unique? Why is it different from everyone else? Why should I come to you? These are fundamental questions for your store’s solid future.

C. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and don’t be ashamed! Ask for help as much as you can, you don’t have to do everything by yourself! Sometimes I forget it and this is not healthy in the long run. While I am there I add a fourth piece of advice: have fun and enjoy the realisation of your dream! It doesn’t happen every day, not to everyone, and you can be proud of it!

pourtoujours zürich
The perfect space for cosy gatherings, meetings and workshops.

What are your future plans for Pourtoujours? Any anticipations you would like to share?

Uh, good question. I have so many plans and so many ideas.
A Pourtoujours product would not be bad and…it will be there soon. I say no more!

pourtoujours zürich
Take time to appreciate all the details the shop has to offer.

Interview with Salome Christiani:
the Proust Questionnarie

The main trait of your character?

The quality you prefer in a man?
When it is 100% himself.

And in a woman?
When it is 100% herself.

Your main flaw?
Phew, there are so many: maybe stubborn? Or impulsive or that I often forget about my needs and limitations.

The last time you cried?

Would you change anything in your body?
Obviously! My belly. 

The superpower you would like to have?
I wish I could remove calories from black chocolate with nuts.

The most beautiful gift ever received?
All those 100% unexpected!

Current mood?
Positive with a shred of sadness.

Your motto?
Love yourself as your neighbour. The neighbour part I can do well but on the first part of the sentence, I’m still working on it.

Winkelriedstrasse 1
8006 Zürich

IG @pourtoujours_shop
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