Parco San Marco

Our school break at Parco San Marco.

Yes, it is all interesting but here comes the best part: the people who work there.

Herbst Ferien is another popular holidays in Zürich: it is the first, long school breaks since August and is a perfect treat for those, like us, who love to chase the last warm sunbeams of the year.
Most of the time, E does not follow along as he needs to work at his office so keeping this holidays easy enough for the three of us is important to me.

I must admit, I tend to go to Italy most of the time, where we have sun, food, art and friends&family all around: it comes naturally as it is our other home.
However, Parco San Marco felt a good combination of all the above and we gave it a try. Especially after two excellent reviews I had from my Swiss neighbours: you know the Swiss standards, right? 

You know already I avoid reviewing places I didn’t appreciate on the blog, I prefer leaving a comment or two on their social pages or email instead. So you may already know how I felt spending some days at Parco San Marco but let me tell you something really special. At least for those of you who have children.

Our school break at Parco San Marco: the resort and surrundings.

Parco San Marco
Magic walk by the lake.

We left Zürich and drove for less than 2 hours before arriving at the resort. We stayed in an apartment overlooking the lake of Lugano and the view was precious: we got used to silence and to waking up facing heaven in less than 1 hour.
I am not a lake enthusiastic (probably because I am very used to lakes in my life, ungrateful me eh eh) and I had no idea how relaxing it is to stare at such a peaceful view of mountains and water.

Parco San Marco
From our balcony.
Parco San Marco
Lovely view from the upper part of the resort.

Parco San Marco is a well-kept structure, renovated between 2018 and 2019, and has a massive park that you can enjoy by walking, hiking, unwinding at the Buddha Pavillon, feeding Ginger (the sweet donkey).

There are swimming pools and the lake to appreciate with warmer temperatures; playgrounds for every season and a nice kid’s club when mom needs to pamper a bit in the spa (my kids never liked these circles, lucky me, but P and B resisted very well for a couple of hours and nobody died. Checked. Plus we still have a couple of beautiful paper octopus they did with a lovely lady).

Parco San Marco
Lovely view from the upper part of the resort.
Parco San Marco
We had fun feeding the donkeys with some carrots provided by the restaurant!
Parco San Marco
Ginger, the donkey

I stayed in Parco San Marco before I discovered my histamine intolerance so I remember enjoying the richest breakfast of all times, (beaten only by the breakfasts I prepare, pat-pat on the shoulder for this) and delicious lunches and dinners at the restaurant which offered excellent food and variety.

Our school break at Parco San Marco.

Yes, it is all interesting but here comes the best part: the people who work there. We were spoiled with kindness and fun since the very first day but we started to appreciate the staff, even more, when B was sick.

She had bad flu and I was alone:
the reception called a doctor immediately to came and visit my daughter within hours;
the staff at the restaurant served us dinner in our apartment so I didn’t have to leave the kids alone;
they wrote a get-well-soon card for B who still treasures in her drawer;
all the staff care for us at 360 degrees and I never felt alone for one second.

Then my husband came to the rescue when I started feeling bad because of the at-the-time-unknown syndrome I have, and they even organised a car to pick him up at Lugano train station.

This is what makes a difference when it comes to tourist hospitality: it is normal, if not easy, to work under smooth circumstances but it is when an issue occurred that the real professionalism emerges from the rest.

Parco San Marco
Feels like Japan.

This is my review and I would l love to hear yours, if you ever visited the place! I am planning to go back one day and bring my mom there who loves to walk in parks and stare at the lakes.
It’s the perfect place for all the family.

xo, Chiara

ps. Angelo, Roberto and the whole staff at the reception: I told you already face to face but thank you so much for everything, you made our little setback easy! Big hug x

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