Mom’s Tiramisu

For a great result, prepare it the night before. Patience is always paramount.

I was about to clean my moka when I started to look out my kitchen window and saw the wind was blowing strongly outside.

It was a mesmerising moment: all colourful leaves splitting off from the branches of tall trees, the sky was changing its shades and shining with new hues, the lake was rapidly forming soft waves and moving some of the little boats docked to the jetty.
Shortly after, I realized my hands had involuntary cleaned the moka. With soap.

A disaster mostly because I wanted a coffee right away, which was the reason why I was there to clean my moka: now I had to go through the usual two-three rinsing pots before sipping a decent espresso.
It was one of those days where your head is somewhere else so I finish up doing something like five moka.
What do you do with the last ones?
Needless to say, tiramisù.

In Italy, tiramisu is so popular that you are going to have a cup of it even after a summer lunch in the forests of Zürich (yes, our Italian friends prepared a huge oven pan of tiramisu and brought it to the woods. My Swiss neighbours, who were passing by that day, are still laughing).

Italians love tiramisu and every family has a kind of different recipe so, in a life, you end up not eating a single tiramisu equal to one another.
It truly never happened to me: some tiramisu were too chocolatey, some with too much coffee, some were delicious.
However, you grew up on your mom’s tiramisu and you love it. Who’s gonna win?




Here’s my mother recipe:

For 4 people

– 4 eggs
– 400 gr of mascarpone
– 300 gr of savoiardi
– 1/4 cold coffee
– 100 gr of sugar
– bitter cocoa powder.

Beat the egg yolks in a bowl (holding the egg whites in another bowl) together with the sugar.
Use the electric whisks until the mix becomes quite spumy.
Combine the mascarpone and stir with a wooden spoon until you get a homogenous cream.

Beat the egg whites until stiff (adding a pinch of salt) and then incorporate them to the cream of eggs and mascarpone, stirring well from the bottom to the top.

Pour the cold coffee into a bowl. Sweeten it a bit if you like.

Begin to dip the savoiardi quickly and cover the bottom of a rectangular pirofila or small cup or glass, whatever you like.
Spread over a layer of cream.
Dust some cocoa powder with the help of a little fine mesh strainer.
Leave it in the fridge for a few hours.
For a great result, prepare it the night before.
Patience is always paramount.


Variation for the kids: fresh-squeezed orange juice instead of coffee.

It will make you ponder your next choice for tiramisu: truly delicious.
Hope you will enjoy it!


Disclaimer: I’ve made the tiramisu with my kids and husband so it got messy!
If you prepare it yourself it will be a much more neat, instagrammable, probably relaxing experience. But you’ll miss all the fun.
Your choice 😉


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