MAMI Seefeld

Mame, a coffee in the heart of Seefeld.

There are times where more than one factor meets with your taste.

I have to say it: drinking coffee has lately become a rare ritual in my life but Mame, a coffee in the heart of Seefeld, has quite changed the recent trend.
I have never used to drink litres of coffee but definitely enjoyed it more than nowadays. This is mostly due to three factors:

  1. it is not easy to find a very good coffee abroad (outside Italy). I had the privilege to grow up in the land of espresso and as an Italian, it is just hard to be pleased with an ordinary quality blend;
  2. I am constantly running out of the coffee I use to buy/drink in Verona; my Moka started to doubt my interested in beans and then decided to melt its handle on the stove in protest. By the way, interested in trying my favourite coffee blend? It comes from the last coffee roasting business in the world that roast the beans directly on open flame: sweet. I may be coming back with a box or two from the Sports Holidays.
  3. I had to put a stop on coffee for a while as I needed to take iron tablets: caffeine inhibits the absorption of this element, hence the temporary cut off.

Mame, a coffee in the heart of Seefeld: a nice surprise.

MAME coffee
Chocolatey coffee, babyccino and a cookie: perfect morning break.

The combination of these three causes led me to experiment around, looking for alternatives, both for roasted beans and plant-based milk. I was introduced by a friend to the world of matcha (K ❤︎) and I turned to tea when the outcomes of my attempts were not satisfactory enough.

As I already wrote, drinking coffee is about the experience. When I am not happy about the taste of my espresso (as I said, I’m hard to please), I turn to the moment I’m experiencing, to the break I am enjoying, to the people I am with. This mindful vision about taking a break makes it easy to enjoy your cup, regardless of its content. All the beautiful coffee bars I have visited in Zürich and beyond made my intervals special too: I am lucky to live in a city full of splendid café.

MAMI table
I like a lot a wooden communal table in a bar.

Mame, a coffee in the heart of Seefeld:
long live good coffee!

MAMI ceramics
Forgot to ask who does these beautiful ceramics sold at MAME.
MAME coffee machine
On the back, the wheel where all the different types of coffee are grouped.

However, there are times where more than one factor meets with your taste. This is the case of MAME, a coffee shop with two locations in Zürich. The coffee is delicious, professional roasted, perfectly brewed, it is a joy for the palate. The espresso is excellent.

The service is tip top, as they say here in Zürich. The staff is very informative: the first time I visited, a friendly girl walked me through their offer. At MAME they serve 3 types of coffee: Classic, Adventure and Crazy. There is a colourful wheel that explains the differences in taste between one coffee and another. 

Because I do not drink regular milk anymore, for my cappuccino I was suggested to go for a chocolatey blend, part of the Classic selection, with the addition of oat milk. For those of you who are interested, they serve Oatly which I find the best alternative milk to pair with coffee.

Never a dull moment with my miss.

Read here my article about plant-based milk and here an exhaustive piece by The Guardian about the history of milk and successive introductions of different varieties of milk in the world. It is a long article but it will surprise you with many interesting facts.

Another huge plus of MAME, which I appreciate very much, is the positive vibes it radiates. At MAME you can really enjoy a great coffee in a cosy and serene atmosphere. So far I have been in the Seefeld location but I can not wait to try their bar in Kreis 3. And once there, maybe go for the fruity blend.

Talk soon!
xo, Chiara

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