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Helena Zachariassen: a KonMari story in Zürich.

Sooner or later, she would have been capable to create something notable in the business sphere.

The first time I met Helena was many years ago, at the local beer garden of the Hotel Sonne. We were having different lives at that time: our children were toddlers and she or I probably had a newborn to cuddle so the available time for drinks was kind of short.

Still, what I remember about Helena was one thing: her self-will.
Although in a busy and challenging period of life, I perceived Helena as a determined and focused woman that, sooner or later, would have been capable to create something notable in the business sphere.

Years later, we met again at the same place, sipping a cup together while talking about her business: My Happy Home, Switzerland’s first KonMari and Lifestyle Coaching Consultancy.
As I’ve kind of foreseen it, she nailed it. Helena managed to work through the KonMari Consultant certification process and she is now the business owner of a company that could help you change the way you live your home.

Today I want to share her story with you.
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Happy reading!

Helena Zachariassen and her KonMari story. Photo Credit @Ruxi.Photo

Interview with Helena Zachariassen: a KonMari story in Zürich.

Thank you for taking the time to make this interview here on the blog Helena. Let’s start to introduce you to our readers.
What inspired you to become a KonMari consultant? 

I’ve always loved order. And I’ve always loved inspiring and supporting others, which is a reason why I first trained as a life coach many years ago. A friend of mine introduced me to Marie Kondo’s book “The life-changing magic of tidying up” (2011), and it was a huge inspiration. However, the total game-changer was going through the whole KonMari tidying festival myself, keeping only the things that truly sparked joy for me. It was such an amazing experience of finding true and pure joy that everything in my life consequently started falling into place. By founding ‘My Happy Home’, I’ve fulfilled a life long dream of becoming an entrepreneur, doing what I love.

What gives you more satisfaction in your work and what is the most complicated thing? 

I love working with people. Lovingly guiding, encouraging and supporting my clients in transforming their homes, their mindsets about consumption as well as consequently transforming their lives is highly satisfactory. You get to see instant results and the appreciation and gratitude my clients have felt afterwards have truly blown me away. The most complicated thing is to find the right (new) homes for any donated items. 

Interview with Helena Zachariassen: a KonMari story in Zürich.

Helena Zachariassen
Helena with the two children. Photo Credits @Ruxi.Photo

Do you have your own golden rule to have a home always in order? 

When you’ve tidied your home with the KonMari Method, every item in your house has a home. Teaching all family members to return the items to their homes after being used is key. Even small kids are able to help, and they love having their own tasks! And please don’t think my house is always in order – we have a temporary mess on a daily basis, it is just much quicker to tidy now.

The cold season has arrived and many of us are reorganising the wardrobes: could you give us some advice on this regard?

If you have space in your wardrobe, I suggest you keep all clothes for all seasons in there at all times. This way you never lose the complete overview and you are free to mix and match no matter the season. However, I do move the current seasonal items further to the front or move them up or down to a more convenient height for easier access. If you fold your items to stand upright the KonMari way and keep them in drawers or boxes, you can easily move things around as you wish. 

Interview with Helena Zachariassen: a KonMari story in Zürich.

You have kids, a husband who often travels, no family support and a company to manage. Did Marie Kondo’s philosophy improve your organisational skills also on this aspect of your life? 

Totally. It made me even more aware of what’s truly valuable to me and I was able to start envisioning the life I truly wanted to live. It’s all about choosing joy, in all aspects of life. Saying no to what doesn’t serve you or your family, prioritising and simplifying life. By no means, that implies that we need to be perfectly organised at all times, but what we do want is to be present, have a purpose and feel happy about our choices and lives. 


The main trait of your character? 
Positive outlook.

The quality you prefer in a man? 
Honesty with a spark in his eyes.

And in a woman? 
Honesty and empathy.

Your main flaw? 
I’m a time optimist.

The last time you cried? 
Last week.

Would you change anything in your body? 
Nope. It’s working darn hard for me every day and rarely stops.

The superpower you would like to have? 
What superpower, I’m a mom 🙂

The most beautiful gift ever received? 
A dear friend gave us a weekend away with my husband while she took care of our kids.

Current mood? 

Your motto? 
Anything is possible.

Find Helena’s work here:
My Happy Home
IG: myhappyhomezurich

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