From La Stanza with love.

I’m going to pat myself on the shoulder and reward myself with probably the best espresso in town, Bar La Stanza.

Yesterday night, for the first time, my son had a sleep-over to a friend’s house.

Phone call before he went to sleep:
“How are you honey, all fine, good, ok, do you want me to pick you up now?”
“No, mom, I’m fine”.
“It’s no problem for me to come over, just ask.”
“No thank you, I’m ok”.
“Oh (disappointment), ok sure, good, well if you really want to stay….(silence that looked like 10 endless minutes…)…otherwise I’ll pop up there in 5’!”
“No mom seriously I’m happy, see you tomorrow after breakfast, ok? Love you, good night”.
“Love you, ‘night my love”.

IT WAS IMMENSELY HARD and the ‘fun’ part is that I always thought that the one having tough times with sleeping out was him! Hellooooo motherhood!
I know, as many of you, how hard it is being with small kids all the time, no support, in a foreign country and so on; I also know how many times I ask for them to be at university RIGHT NOW!
I am also sure, however, that the type of happiness a mother can feel, I will never feel it for anything else in my life. And there is so much comfort in that, a fresh encouragement every new day, that helps you big time going through the hardest days.

Balance is always hard and this period won’t last forever (yeah, you’ve read it already but it is true :) so hang on in there: university will be coming sooner than expected! YEEEEHHH!

To celebrate this important step of my life (since he acts completely casual with the sleep-over thing), I’m going to pat myself on the shoulder and reward myself with probably the best espresso in town, Bar La Stanza.

The place is always packed, still the atmosphere is so cool you want to find a place anyhow, with or without buggy (this is for next time you feel a place is not really suitable for children: if the spot is dandy, you’ll find a way to sneak in).




Another interesting fact is that there are all sort of people there: students, moms, business men, tourists, bohemians, bankers, you name it. Diversity mesmerises me and this is one of the main reasons we go there so often.

It is an easy-going place, you can seat freely on the windows wooden ledge and have a ring while reading the newspaper. They have a variety of pastry if you need to do a rich breakfast in the morning and an ample booze selection if you look to finish the day in style. Music is an enjoyable ingredient at La Stanza.

La Stanza
Bleicherweg 10, 8002 Zürich
Tel. 043 817 62 82

Last but not the least.
Waiters are pretty, pretty, pretty handsome (sorry hubby, you are too).
My sis, lactose intolerant, ordered a big latte while completely hypnotised by the blond bartender at the counter. Power of pheromones…



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