FRANZOSish reflections about SAHM time

My personal tricks to get some things done and feel the bloom back are few, ordinary but simply viable for the most SAHMs.

Sunday arrived and it looked like the week finished in a ridiculously short minute.

Bianca and I didn’t have the chance to do much together, a part from usual errands and appointments, and just few hours ago I was in that cafè, thinking about when I will find the time to write.

But I will find it because there is always a way to find the time, if you want it.

And not because I am better or have more time than others (my friends know best, I am seriously sleep-deprived most of the week 🙂 but because DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFEC.
Yes, the T is missing on purpose.

It was the clever idea on a poster I saw at a friend’s typography lab in Verona. They don’t print it anymore because the majority of people didn’t get the sense of the sentence (or maybe because they didn’t find the sentence smart enough).

I hope especially you people will get it because:

•I would actually love to have a poster like this at the entrance of my apartment! AND

•I would love to have my daily reminder which would help me eliminating the false belief according to which there is never enough time to do things. At least the things we like.

And more importantly, to always find way to stay hungry, stay foolish, to feed our mind, imagination, purpose, anything that can make us happy from within.

Because as Rémi Gaillard used to say:
”A force de faire n’importe quoi on devient n’importe qui”.

My personal tricks to get some things done and feel the bloom back are few, ordinary but simply viable for the most SAHMs (stay at home moms):

Go out, don’t hibernate. It may sound unrealistic said by me, an Italian who refused to go out when it rains, but try to think outings as much as you can. The kids will get tired muuuuuch easier and you won’t be taken away by the desire of jumping out of the window after an hour playing Lego. It happened.

Think playdates, structured activities between siblings and encourage independence as much as possible! Kids don’t understand we, moms, need to stay alone: teach them, they will learn! It can be (like in my case, at the moment) a good 30-40 minutes of freedom which is a HUGE improvement from ZERO, no? And let’s be honest, even only 15 uninterrupted minutes can make the difference.

Don’t waste your free time. Do you work on your computer as much as I do? Avoid anything ‘screen’ during your breaks. Bake, paint, knit, do some work-out, read. Of course, this is not the same for everybody: just make sure you’ll be refreshed after the activity you have decided to do.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: never think you are alone. It is plenty of mamas out there hoping to find someone who can be of moral, intellectual, physical support.
Why don’t you take the first step?

So it does not matter if what you do takes twenty minutes per day or ten hours of your time;

if it is about a silly blog (this, with big idea about the future though – always dream big friends!)

or helping others (which is unfailingly a great plan!), learning something new or taking a short YouTube yoga lesson in the corridor; finding any thing you are inspired about and that can fit into your day, it will make you a better person, a happier and more positive human being.

It worked magic for me and yes, this is the second time I write on the subject!
Thrilled to share my recipe for optimism or just dull? Probably both.

Where all these disquisitions took place? This week at Franzos, a lovely small cafè on Limmatquai in Zürich. Wooden tables and chairs, pretty wall with curious photos and pictures, relaxing atmosphere with warm and sociable waitress.




Espresso so and so, maybe a bit too toasted for my palate, croissant mmh…excellent! I liked the furniture very much, in its simplicity: the space is cosy and comfy.

Perfect if you want to practise your French, there are few tables outside on the walkside, great for these sunny days.

Limmatquai 138, 8001 Zürich
Téléphone 044 542 46 33

I will be surely back to try more from the Bistro selection: the Croque Monsieur is one of my fav!



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