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Francesca, the story of an Italian Londoner and her blog.

Meet Francesca, her blog and her travels' adventures!

Today on the blog I introduce you to Francesca, an Italian mom living in London and creator of Mum What Else, a blog where she shares her travel adventures together with her family.

I only met Francesca virtually but I liked immediately her spirit and her desire to provide her readers with a comprehensive guide of London and a useful information system for planning a perfect visit to the Swingin’.

Francesca, the story of an Italian Londoner and her blog: the virtual cup of coffee

The reason I interviewed Francesca is for me a great opportunity to go back to the sense of this blog. I started My Wander Coffee with the idea of sharing with you the stories of women who are happy to tell their visions of a life abroad, in front of a cup of coffee.
Gill was my first interview; then some health issues prevailed and forced me to stop for a while.
The cup of coffee has become more a metaphor to me (I cannot drink it anymore!) but, as I explained in many occasions before, there is no need of caffeine to share: there only must be the thirst to be together.

So get ready to know more about this mom while she takes us with her on a London adventure and explains how her life and goals have changed, possibly for the best!
Thanks Francesca for your time!

Francesca, the story of an Italian Londoner and her blog: the interview

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself and what your blog is all about.
A: Hi, I am Francesca, a 30 something mum of the ‘duo’. A former TV producer when in Italy, now I work as a digital marketer in London where I live with my family.
I am from Bergamo, near Milan, in the north of Italy and I have always loved travelling and discover new countries and cultures. I think that this curiosity brought me here in London, as we didn’t look to move here actually. London chose us, honestly, a head hunter selected my partner, and so here we are. 

Q: How did you get into blogging? 
A: I started blogging as a game because I wanted to practice English. I was studying English and in order to prepare the final exam, I thought that a blog would be a good excuse to practice written English. And this is how all started.
Blogging has captured me and keeps me awake during the night, despite having two little children.
It’s a passion, love it so much!
It also helps me to learn something new every day.

Mum What Else
Mum What Else

Q: Have Facebook or Instagram affected the way you travel?
A: I don’t like definitions, anyway we are an expat family and we love to travel. I like what social media can create, inspiration and information. Facebook brings traffic to my blog, and I have recently started to share some videos. Instagram is the social I love and that gives me little traffic back, however, it’s an incubator of great artists and great ideas.

So, I would say yes, these two social media might affect something, especially in the way I take travelling. I feel immediately a click in my mind and I got the idea for a new post. Anyway, I am not the kind of person that chooses a destination looking for a big social share. I don’t have a good photographer as a partner either… So I will never be a famous travel blogger 🙂

Q: Seen from outside, a blog seems to represent everything an expat mom might dream of: flexibility, creativity, independency…is that all true?
A: The blog is my space, where I can create and make connections. I would have felt more lonely without my blog here in London. I know many talented and inspiring friends now, that I would have never met without it.
It is also a great way to learn, I can see how many progresses I made and I have learnt everything from scratch!
This is a big success for me. As a mother, flexibility is what I look for. Digital gives such a great opportunity in this and I want to take advantage of it.

city of london
Travel with Francesca through the city of London.

Q: Francesca, you have a successful blog: what was the turning point that showed you were on the right track?
A: Thanks Chiara for the ‘successful’ annotation, but there is still much to be done. The turning point was when I started to see that most of the traffic is coming from organic search. This is a great result as I have worked a lot on SEO. I want to take the blog to anext level, and I am learning how to turn readers into customers. 

Q: Last of all… where is left on your list of places to visit? Is there any interesting coffee places in London we should visit together?
A: Dalloway Terrace and the new Peggy Porschen are on my list for the next strolling around London. Two must-see coffee places destinations! I will keep one for you when you come to London!
The list of places to visit is yet huge and this is the best part!

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