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I love my city and I do believe Verona is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.
 Nonetheless, I have started to sense mixed feelings about the possibility of going back one day...

October arrived and, with it, we welcomed the first round of school holidays: the Herbst Ferien (all Swiss moms will be cheering with enthusiasms here).
I knew my husband was super busy at work so impossible to think about going somewhere and enjoy some family time.  Plus, the Indian Summer we’ve had (until today, sigh) was suggesting a few more days without jackets and ice cream so we decided to leave for Verona, the city where I grew up.

Bar Vittoria
Bar Vittoria

Travel with the two went well, Venice airport greeted us with a sunny 18 degrees in the early morning and Verona was such a great host with blue skies and amazing weather on
Seeing our relatives and friends was really lovely, having lunch with my girlfriend was awesome, even going to the dentist was great because I was able to go alone, AH!

I love my city and I do believe Verona is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.
 Nonetheless, I have started to sense mixed feelings about the possibility of going back one day.
I don’t know about you but, after more than ten years away, my perception of a place called home is kinda blurred.
I can’t refer to the idea of home as a visible or tangible thing anymore, I cannot relate it to a place, an address, a country: it is indeed more like a venue in my heart where my kids and husband reside.
Although one’s heart may be considered small in its physical size, its capacity of accommodating people is surprising: I have been blessed with friends I can count on two hands and they are comfy nested in a little corner of my ticker too.
And yes, despite my luck with the people I am surrounded with, I still dream about a house, with two toilets (motherhood ambitions :), a big garden and rooms full of life and memories!
For the moment, I count myself extremely lucky so whenever possible I try to enjoy the company of the people I love in front of a good cup of coffee.


The best coffee of my life so far can be found at Bar Il Coloniale: I honestly never ever tasted something like it.
The bar is located in the city center, it has a cozy, colonial style and it is not noisy which is great if you want to relax and chat in peace (perfect for a fine start of the day).

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Along with serving the best espresso and cappuccino, and apart from offering an exceptional selection of blends (coffee and teas), the bar displays the best risini (happy to post an easy recipe if you like!) on the planet (sorry World) and all sorts of pastries and croissants for breakfast.
I am not the only one who apparently says that because Bar Il Coloniale has been cited by Gambero Rosso as one of the best coffee bars in Italy. It truly rocks!

Another huge point of this place is the kindness of bartenders.
I do find rude service more often than you think (I am sure you do too).
Here waiters are polite and friendly and I am not saying because Antonio spoils my kids with chocolate hearts at the till (we miss you!).

There are three other bars I feel recommending to you, all of them are in the city center and popular for the locals
(expect a little buzz in the early hours of the day, before offices and shops open).

Bar Tubino (also known as Caffè Borsari) is famous in Verona and definitely worth a visit.
It is literally packed with boxes of all kind: candy box, tea box, coffee, marmalade, chocolate, mousse box, you name it. You move one box, you will be worried the castle of cards would collapse on your head! The coffee selection is exemplary and the crema caffé they do in Summer is the best in town.


Bar Vittoria is the new acquisition of the owner of Bar Il Coloniale.
They display a gorgeous Gaggia coffee machine, espresso is very good too. They serve an exceptional granita siciliana and delicious ice cream. Ask them for an instant affogato, it’ll make your day!

Bar Vittoria

Bar Pasticceria Flego is another institution in Verona.
I like their espresso macchiato a lot and the selection of marvelous pastries. When I was a teenager I used to enjoy their luscious crepes filled with whipped cream and black cherry (I know I don’t have the same young metabolism anymore but please tell me you’ll do them again one day!).
I loved their millefoglie last time I visited, I found the cream light and the cake extremely well layered .
Wonderful food to enjoy with coffee.
Two locations, both in the city center.


Last but not the least.

When in Verona, I also go to Bar Fornaio De Rossi for my coffee because they sell amazing bread. You would wonder what is wrong with me and why should I combine the two, coffee and bread. It may be something of my childhood because at home we used to do breakfast with milk (and coffee and milk – caffè latte – later in the years) and bread. Who knows.
Whatever the reason is, I love to dip a piece of bread in my cappuccino or espresso every now and then! It won’t probably look like the poshest thing to do but it makes me feel ‘home’ and

home is where happiness is.




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