Gill, my usual suspect.

...if the bites are ambrosial and I find myself putting food into the purse for later, my suspicions about the cook fall instantly on Gill.

Every now and then, when my husband has decent working hours and my kids are virus-free and not a clone of Sauron with the cold, I have the privilege to attend a party, a shop opening or some sort of similar events.
I adore going to these happenings: true, it takes nothing to make me feel like a princess, generally half glass of prosecco (need to train a bit, eh?). When the waiter arrives with the tray, I immediately look at the food and taste it (hey, I’m Italian): if the bites are ambrosial and I find myself putting food into the purse for later, my suspicions about the cook fall instantly on Gill.
Gill MacLoughlin is the owner of the event and catering service Mac&Broek and contributor at Discover Out Loud, where she writes about restaurants and places she loves, food trends and cities.

GlueckI met Gill three years ago during a cooking event at her place – I still remember her glorious version of pan bagnat, gorgeous food!
Three (for her) and two (for me) kids later, we decided to hook up on a rainy day in Zürich and what can I say…I will always be joyful with an Irish by my side!
Gill has a fantastic attitude towards life, she’s full of energy and the good tendency of looking at the bright side of life. Of course, this is my personal opinion about her but I’m pretty sure, if you know her too, you’d totally share my point. When I have decided to start this new section of the blog, the logical choice for the location of the first interview was Glück, where my coffee journey and writing adventure have begun.
I hope you will enjoy reading this and that you will find some inspiration in Gill’s words, some of the strength you might need, the wish of getting in touch (please always feel free!) and who knows, maybe new ideas?


When did you move to Zurich and why?
April 2011 for my husband’s job.

What do you like in Zürich?
I love how accessible it is. It is small but beautifully formed, a cosmopolitan city with so much to offer. You can find everything here: cool furniture shops like Obbjekt in Kreis 4 or Artiana on Nuschelerstrasse, a growing restaurant scene, lots of wonderful galleries like Maria Bernheim in Im Viadukt, great food and flower markets. Buy your flowers from Blumen Oertig Helvetiaplatz then grab a coffee at Bovelli. In summer everyone is out and about, in Winter you have tradition like the Christmas Market, Singing Christmas Tree or Conelli which keep life in the city.

In which restaurants or coffee shops do you go with the kids?
Bohemia is always great, Tibits a no brainer and I recently had a great experience at Grain. I hear their brunch is very good.

What is your favourite and easiest meal with children?
Carbonara with crispy kale or pesto any which way. Yesterday it was blended with swiss chard, sometimes with peas, sometimes I serve it with spelt spaghetti or red lentil pasta or spiralled veggies. They like it because it is garlicky and cheesy so they don’t notice all the veggies.

Would you like to share a fav recipe with us?
If you see quail’s breast at Migros, buy them. The meat is delicious and takes only a couple of minutes on each side to cook plus the kids love it. To elevate it, dust with oil, seasalt and Dragon Curry spice from Klingelnberg (Globus) before barbecuing. Then serve with turmeric rice and a fresh salad of spinach, cucumber, coriander, with a ginger, lemon and garlic dressing. A very easy Indian inspired dinner to impress. Add naan and Greek yoghurt.

What tip would you give to someone who intend to open a business?
Have a sound idea, seek out a partner or mentor to help bounce ideas off. Ideally they’ll have a similar outlook with a different skill set. Be creative with ideas to promote your business but most of all believe in your idea or product and make it as good as it can be.


Every reader, as he reads, is actually the reader of himself.– Marcel Proust


The main trait of your character?
What you see is what you get! I am pretty straightforward.

The quality you prefer in a man?
Relaxed confidence.

And in a woman?
Similar. Be comfortable in your own skin.

Your main flaw?

The last time you cried?
Watching an 11 year old win Junior Masterchef with my girls. Kids are amazing!

Would you change anything in your body?
I’d like thicker hair.

The superpower you would like to have?
To travel at the speed of light, that way I could avoid transport and actually create more time to do things during the day.

The most beautiful gift ever received?
My husband is very thoughtful. He has given me lots of gorgeous gifts but I am going to be very sentimental (not like me at all) and say my 3 girls.

Current mood?
Tired but happy.

Your motto?
Don’t look back.

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