Wildegg castle facade

Our autumnal escape to Wildegg Castle

We love castles and their stories: walls and objects, hundreds of years old and full of tales to tell, surround you in a fascinating way.

Last week we visited Wildegg Castle, less than an hour from Zürich.
We are still experiencing such warm temperatures here in Zürich that, when the weekend comes, it really is a shame not to visit some new place in the open air and enjoy this extraordinary Indian Summer (even though, global warming isn’t that great, right?).
We love castles and their stories: walls and objects, hundreds of years old and full of tales to tell, surround you in a fascinating way.
So far, we have visited a few here in Switzerland but will do more this year for two reasons:
first, the preservation of Swiss castles is outstanding, they are unique historical jewels
and second, the kids are into ghosts and witches now so a hunting stopover is not going to be an issue at all.

wildegg towering
Approaching the castle from the farm.
wildegg castle room
Walking through such well-maintained rooms was so pleasant.

Wildegg Castle welcomed us with a fog that seemed to magically wrap its walls up, like in a Fellinian* atmosphere (*the movie director Federico Fellini).
The sun appeared in all its glory while we entered the aviary next to the main building and it warmed our cheeks when we stepped into the rose garden.
Rose beds and arches frame a little pond and I imagined how this place would be in Spring when all fragrances fill the air and flowers become a feast for the eyes.
Wildegg Castle seems to be famous for its gardens, in fact, the rose backyard is not the only one around the estate. There is a vegetable garden, full of aroma, which provided -together with the vineyard– the necessary sustenance for the family who lived there.

wildegg house
Looks like Provence.

The Habsburgs built the castle around 1200, changed several owners till it passed into the hand of the family Effinger towards the end of 15th century.
The Effinger family owned the castle for many generations.
While you visit the castle and listen to the fun audio tour available in many rooms of the main building, you realise how well preserved the estate is.
You have the chance to literally travel in time thanks to the perfectly maintained interior furnishings and wonderful ornaments, from the Baroque period to the Belle Epoque.

Kept in wonderful closets of the time, precious clothes are also perfectly preserved, as well as dressing gowns, bed sheets and handmade children’s socks: just beautiful.
I have made pictures of about 18 different tiled stoves. I must admit I was not a fan of these stoves when I arrived in Switzerland but now I’d pay for having one at home!

baby clothes
Look at this beautiful baby clothes!
tiled stove
Beautiful tiled stove in one of the room of the castle.

There are many rooms to visit the castle but nothing boring at all. My favourite room was on the top floor where a variety of flowers and plants are left to dry: the scent of chamomile was inebriating.

dried plants
It was like being in the middle of a meadow in spring!

Wildegg Castle is such a surprise, architecturally speaking.
I am not an expert but probably because different families owned the castle during the time, its original appearance has been strongly refashioned, transformed and you can see these alterations in the different styles of the estate.

castle room
Dinner room upstairs, perfectly kept.

It did not look like a classic castle when I looked at it, still towering from the hill, majestic but with a unique charm which makes it really special.
Not to mention the little house with the green shutters that we passed alongside on the climb to the castle: you feel you’re in Provence, bliss.

B playing in the children’s castle.

A fact to absolutely mention if you go with kids: the castle has also a farm and ta-dah, a barn full of fun. There are knight costumes, books to read on a fancy sofa, billiard, you can even set up the table in a children’s castle!
Please do get in touch if you need more info on my side, otherwise please visit the following link if you intend to plan a visit:
My Switzerland Website

I hope you will have a brilliant time!
xo, Chiara


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