Autre pays, autre coutume, autre coffee (Part 2)

We've got two e-bikes, one follower, a bike seat and off we went to Colmar for some coffee adventures.

While we were wandering around beautiful Alsace, we stopped at a bike renting service in Eguisheim we simply loved.

The place is run by a guy called Maxime who put all customers at ease immediately, not only for his English but most of all for his kind and very friendly approach.

The building where Maxime lives and works is also noteworthy for its charm: a traditional house beautifully decorated with flowers, eggs and rabbits (it was Easter), positioned on a gently sloping uphill road in the city center.
The place is called Alsa Cycle Tours and make sure to remember the name if you are planning a visit!

We’ve got two e-bikes, one follower, a bike seat and off we went to Colmar for some coffee adventures. For me, wandering around a town is the best way to experience it: you don’t rush for any appointments, visit, date, plan, you just go with the flow in total relaxation and enjoy the very best bits of life as you’re living it that day.

Bianca bikes

We stopped under the arcades of the city, listening to a lively band that was playing the most energetic music!
Still, it was raining that day and also I’ve got a curios dream the night before that kept me awake for some time so I needed coffee SO MUCH!
Hubby and I only had to turn our heads to see an inspiring shop facade: very retro, very old-fashioned, pink and gold.
We’ve got to stop and taste!

Au Croissant Doré was the perfect spot for that day: kind of nostalgic, a bit art nouveau, it seemed to enter the door of a bar in Montmartre during the 30’s (and I lurve these things!).

Doree Colmar

We tried the tarte flambée, cakes, macarons (huge and gorgeous), of course coffee and we enjoyed every single drop.
The coffee is probably not the best in town but the place is absolutely worth a stop: you cannot help but wandering through memories while seated there, looking at the old gramophone at the window, admiring all the vintage posters at the walls or observing the sweetest owner briskly serving and taking orders from each table.
This lady, at her venerable age of 80-85 years old (does someone knows exactly?), made l’addition on a piece of paper in less than a minute and I pondered for a good five minutes about my zero math skills at the age of 42. Chapeau.

Later that day, going back to the hotel though the French countryside was great and Pietro did very well on his first ride.
Sun was not shining but spirits were high.
Coffee was running, kids were ok so I had the chance to write my dream down.

My brother and sisters and I lay down on some hotel’s beds. My mom, young and beautiful (as she has always been), clasps a bike parked just outside the door. She is going picketing to a union demonstration, she looks uninterested to our answer when she asks if someone of us wants to join her. I turn to my young father, sit at my right, and I say: ‘You go with her!’. 

After that dream, stronger than before, something whispers to my ears to never let go your passions, your interests, your enthusiasm for things, your life; to never entirely give these things up while raising your kids and caring for your family.
There is always margins to make it work and to feel you still got it somewhere. You just need to find it and adjust it.

Au Croissant Doré 
28 Rue des Marchands,
68000 Colmar, France

Sometimes you need a friend to tell you, sometimes you need a circumstance.
Sometimes a father, who never got old, in a dream, who stirs you to be better.



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