Autre pays, autre coutume, autre coffee (Part 1)

So many countries, so many customs. Just try them! Open your mind (and mouth) (and senses).

France is always a good idea so we decided to head to Alsace during our Spring Holidays (which, by the way, are still going on and doing quite well despite the fact that all our friends are away now!).

Bianca had a bad cold the day before leaving but I remember my father taking me to a cruise on Lake Garda, seated outside on the bow of the boat for 90 fat minutes, while I was possibly having one of the worst cold of my life. I’m still here.
My mom still laughs about it. Ah memories…
(Bianca did very well by the way, she is a tough cookie).

We booked an enchanting hotel in Turckheim, Deux Clefs, and call it stunning is reductive.
Turckheim itself is a gem and we have enjoyed very much walking and exploring it, even if the weather was quite gloomy. The village is admirably preserved, streets are clean (yes, we are spoiled with cleanliness here in der Schweiz and start to notice this aspect wherever we go, ah!) and people are extremely friendly.

The hotel, though, was for me the absolute highlight.





As soon as you get in, you feel like entering another dimension of space and time: the place was an absolute joy for my eyes and, although the décor of the interior is inspired by different styles (mostly classic but oriental and country too), every detail matches perfectly altogether.
It is a XVI century building with a lot of charm and, if you decide to go one day, you will be marvelling at every piece of art you’ll find scattered all over the inn, from the old stained glass windows to each wood trim.

Of course, I could not resist of having a coffee there but I chose a café au lait instead of an espresso: why one should order spaghetti while in Thailand?
So many countries, so many customs. Just try them! Open your mind (and mouth) (and senses).

Besides, as much as I love a good ol’ espresso, isn’t it true that the beauty of a place can make the moment memorable likewise?
My unforgettable nights are those made of a slice of pizza seated on the border of the fountain, after finishing work at night.
A plastic glass of wine in one hand, a cigarette in the other. In Piazza Erbe.

Can beauty save the world and triumph over the perfect espresso?


ps I’ve then discovered French do have espresso macchiato and it’s called Noisette so need to go back soon to try one!

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