Hi! And welcome to The Art of Slow Sipping!

My name is Chiara, I am originally from Verona (Italy) and so far I lived in Rome, Dublin.
Now in Zürich, where I am learning the art of slow sipping.
Married to Mr. No, I am the mother to two little superheroes, Pietro & Bianca, who can raise your mood during the greyest days.
You can hire them anytime. (No, you can’t).
You can hire me instead, see here what I can see for your brand.

I like food because I am Italian and we talk about food even when we are eating it, my other I like to wander, to sip my cuppa in peace. 

I often find myself wondering what is home, I do have my moment of doubt and crises but I look up sustained by the love of my family and I am grateful to have the privilege of being healthy and to live in such a beautiful city that is Zürich.

I love the idea of building up a community united in the common desire to to learn, share and grow together, both professionally and as people.
You can read more about the Slow Sippers here.

I studied Design and Innovation and I have a Master in Marketing and Business Communication.
Now I work as a digital strategist consultant in Zürich, for small business and creative freelancers.

Empowerment and motherhood are my things: if you are a SAHM who wants to start anew and need support in the digital side of your project, you know you can call me with you babies photobombing the screen and I won’t bat an eye. 

about me

About: me

  1. Favourite food: Carbonara hands down and bruschetta col pomodoro (cannot eat both anymore).
  2. Preferred sandwich: tramezzino (something like a club sandwich, kind of).
  3. Darling sound: silence and the sound of water.
  4. Beloved song (currently): Set It All Free, by Dave Bassett.

Beach girl in Summer, in front of a fireplace on the mountain in Winter. Slow living creature.
A supporter of sustainability, when it comes to food, fashion and all the things in life.

Wherever I have the chance, I love to pass time with my family and friends and put my phone down.


For enquiries, you can reach me at theartofslowsipping@gmail.com