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A walk around Hardbrücke

During the last ten years, the area has developed a lot, the place is bursting with new shops, gardens, playgrounds, hangouts, and bars.

Six years ago, We chose to live in a quiet village by the lake, close to a forest and still only less than ten minutes from the city center. We did it because we thought it was a great place for raising our children plus our flat is at a walking distance to everything we need (school, grocery, pharmacy, doctors, etc.).
We still think the same and we love where we live: the city, on the other side, never loses its charm.
Moreover, Zürich has the advantage of being relatively small but at the same time, it is an incredible container of very different cultures and spaces.
Hardbrücke is a place I particularly like (difficult to choose between this and Wiedikon, of which I am very fond) and I have more than one reason for that.
I reckon there is much to write about this area so I start here only with the block around its train station.

Let’s start with a bit of practical info.
Hardbrücke is located in Kreis 4, very close to Zürich HB main station.
During the last ten years, the area has developed a lot, the place is bursting with new shops, gardens, playgrounds, hangouts, and bars.

The Viadukt – a real railway viaduct still in operation located two minutes walking from Hardbrücke train station – offers a huge variety of restaurants, cultural venues, and specialty stores under its arches.

Hardbrücke Zürich

It is a great place to bike through too.
For those who live in Zürich, get ready for the Im Viadukt Nacht: a celebration of arts, cultures, dance, cuisine and more awaits us under the arches of the viaduct and the program is impressive.

I have a few favourite spots in Hardbrücke and one I have just added to my list last week.

Frau Gerold comes first.
This is a collective urban garden, one of the most fortunate examples of this kind of initiative in Zürich. Anyone wishing to bring a plant here and take care of it is welcome.

frau Gerold
frau Gerold grill and bar

frau Gerold

At Frau Gerold, there are also small kiosks where one can drink and bite and some nice niche shops to visit. Plenty of space to run and have fun with the kids too (on the last visit we have discovered the salt and pepper plants on one of the garden table, we were so happy to taste it for the first time!).

frau Gerold
Salt and Pepper plants, yummy!

Another appointment to remember, the Designmarkt in September: check out all the details on Frau Gerold’s website.

I love furniture, if I’d be rich I’d spend a solid 50% of my assets on furniture (the rest in spa and clothes, yes!).
One of the fav furniture shops in Zürich is Walter Vintage Mobel, located just a few steps from Frau Gerold.

walter vintage
walter vintage
walter vintage
walter vintage pottery

They sell vintage industrial style furniture and accessories from all over the world.
All designs are simple and classy, sometimes unconventional (and gorgeous), always crafted beautifully.
The shops bring together pieces of different periods and styles and it combines them together to create stunning interiors.
Love the wood they (re)use for the tables and the ultra- jazzish sofas.

Just past by Vicafè, you will notice there is a small shop called Risa.
Risa is a hat maker label that works with machines 100 years old and relies only on the handcrafted ability of skilled creators.
The collections span from cylinders to trendy trilby and every six months new models are presented on the market.

Risa shop
Risa shop
Risa shop
Risa hat maker since 1919

Husband and I loved to talk with the guy at the shop who, apart from fascinating us with the history of the brand, he also revealed two important dates not to be missed at their factory:
stay tuned on mywandercoffee for more news!
Absolutely stunning pieces: if you like hats, do not miss out on a visit to their shop in Zürich or check them online.

I will be coming back to you with more about this area because it has so much to offer and because we, as a family, love indeed its vibrant and lively mood.

Never stop wandering, your city will always show you something new.
Bis bald.
xo, Chiara


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