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The 7 apps I use for Instagram posts and Stories.

This post includes a selection of the apps I tried and found to be the best fit for my way of working.

My workshop is just around the corner and I honestly can’t wait for the day to come, mainly for two reasons.
The first reason concerns the adjustment I am bringing to my profession. It has been a long time since I wanted to switch from the administration of Instagram profiles to more training oriented projects.

With experience, I understand that no social media manager can tell the story of a small business better than the owner of the small business h**self.
It is also true that there is objectively a lot to know when it comes to online communication. It may be overwhelming to acquire all the useful information to get ready to communicate online and it is precisely here that I love getting into action.

If you think that you could use a little, or big, help to start your online journey, you can read here and get a clearer idea of ​​how I work and what I can offer.

The second reason why I am happy that the date of my workshop is approaching is purely emotional. I haven’t talked to an audience of a certain level for years: I’m quite excited and also a little scared but practice makes perfect and I cannot wait to start.

To celebrate this progress in my career, I thought of writing this post to give you something useful. It was right and proper and I finally prepared it. Hope it can be of help.

This post includes a selection of the apps I tried and found to be the best fit for my way of working. There is much more out there and maybe I will explore some of them with you in the future.

Many of the things around you are worthy of a photo.

The 7 apps I use for Instagram posts and Stories: little advice.

Some quick food for thought before reading the post.

2020 seems to be the year of authenticity, where filters and editing, in general, will have less weight on the engagement of a profile.

On the one hand, the trend can only please me: given that there will be greater emphasis and attention on the formation of quality content, it is also true that:

  • bad photos will never increase the number of followers,
  • IG is a mainly visual platform,
  • beautiful photos, beyond IG, are a joy for the eyes and these apps can certainly help to improve even the personal photos that you will keep for yourself.

Main course.
A filter can certainly improve, and even a lot, a not-so-perfect photo. But remember that a nice image comes from the message you want to convey. I’m certainly not an experienced photographer but I like to invest those extra minutes to try to take care of the ideation phase. 

I would suggest you to not use too many apps that do the same work on your photos. Stick to one or two you like and learn how to master them. Keep your eyes open for market news but keep your life easier.

I started pinning photos on Pinterest that I would like to try to replicate using my visions if you want you can take a look too. 

You find them under the called boards:

It will soon be time for a restyle of this space that I no longer use to wander around with my daughter in Zürich, looking for a good coffee. If we keep in touch on multiple platforms it will be less easy to lose sight of each other.

Here are the 7 apps I use for Instagram posts and Stories.
Bis bald,
xo, Chiara

The 7 apps I use for Instagram posts and Stories: the main feed.

Vsco is the app I use the most to edit photos for online purposes*.

This app has many filters to be applied to photos for free, there is a monthly or annual upgrade that provides additional filters but at the beginning, I recommend exploring the app without paying additional amounts. You don’t need more than the basics.

Vsco also gives the possibility of other manipulations (light, contracts, temperature, etc.) but I always advise not to overdo it while editing so as not to give the photo too artificial a look. But as always, de gustibus.

*If you want to manipulate photos for printing, I recommend using Lightroom.

This is an app that I started using for just under a year.
I consider it a bit more complicated to use than Vsco but irreplaceable for tools like the brush which helps you change the brightness, exposure, temperature and saturation of selected areas of the image.
I don’t fancy its filters much but I strongly recommend you to give it a try.

Let me know in the comments if a more detailed explanation would come in hand!

This is an app that I use for the elaboration of high-quality photos. Honestly, as mentioned above, having many apps on your photo that do the same thing is not practical. In the end, I always prefer to intervene with Vsco and Snapseed but of course, this is only my personal preference.

Nevertheless, this software is great for selective regulation, if you want to give it a try. Here you can modify a portion of a photo with great precision.

This is an app I use in substitution of Photoshop, great to remove objects (bye-bye trash bins), imperfections or anything that spoils an otherwise nice photo.
It is intuitive to use, quick and effective. A kind of must-have for me.

The 7 apps I use for Instagram posts and Stories: the tales of your life.

This is an app that is perfect for those who aim to a minimal and elegant style. With the free version, you already have It presents various templates available, together with text and decorations; if you want to upgrade, there is more but I always suggest to try the basics before pay.

I like this versatile software and I strongly recommend it if you want to start producing stories that will set you apart from everybody else.

It has many templates you can use for free and you can customise colours and fonts for better distinguish you from the crowd. 

With Vsco, you can also modify the video for your stories and apply the same filter you are using on your feed, to create visual consistency. 

This is the social of the moment. The target and the contents are a bit perplexing for me, the app is simple to use and its video editor can record clips of 15 seconds, which adapt just right to Instagram Stories.

Did you know any of this app and would you like to know more about one or two or more? 
Do you have any tip that you would like to share?

Please drop me a line here below on in my mailbox at

Thanks and see you soon, at least online at
xo, Chiara

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