5 simple ways to unplug from your phone

Time has come for us to reshape our relationship with technology.

We just came back from a week in the city of love where, for the millionth time in my life, I hoped to be able to work a bit without having the kids requesting and begging for all sort of things every 5 minutes.
I have counted time, yes.
You haven’t? It’s kinda fun and depressing at the same time, ah!

It is certainly hard to keep it together when you want to get some work done but if pregnancy has taught me something is certainly the philosophy of letting go.
I am far from being the master of this practice but I am slowly getting there.

5 simple ways to unplug from your phone and enjoy what’s around you.

The thing is, a child constantly needs to learn and grow and the only thing a mom should really start to do is to abandon a bit of the stress and just be there to live the moment. And possibly enjoy it too.
It does sound easy however, it is not. AT ALL.
To adjust to a mom’s new life was for me the most difficult things of all. The time for myself, my job, my passion was reduced dramatically.
Above all, when I tried to oppose to this life adjustment, the only result was more stress, more mental pressure and more unhappy lives for the entire family.

On the other hand, total sacrifice is NOT an option either and that is why I truly believe that self-care represents the right formula to balance big responsibilities without giving up on yourself and your entire life during the hard first years of motherhood.

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We started 2019 trying to find ways to simplify our life.
Therefore, as part of this project where self-care and mindfulness rule the roost, earlier this month I shared with you how to start digital-decluttering your electronic devices through some simple tips.

Today I will tell you more about another type of digital decluttering which I value even more necessary nowadays: the digital detox.
Let me show you how to unplug from your phone in 5 simple ways and connect with your life around you.
And, on the other hand, why you should do this.

5 simple ways to unplug from your phone and why.

I know, sometimes I reach out to my phone just to have a few minutes of peace and get distracted by the repetition of topics and discussions I find myself having with my children.
However, guess what? Minutes can transform in hours quite quickly.
When I realized that, the feeling was even more depressing than having to explain to B, again and again, that she is not a unicorn and cannot eat glitters.

For many reasons, not always working related, our lives have become tech-centric. Electronics started to ‘own’ us and time has come for us to reshape our relationship with technology.

This is what I found out from this research:
1. One of every two minutes spent online regards social media, video viewing, entertainment/music, and games;
2. One of every five minutes spent online is on social media;
3. On average, a person spends almost 3 hours per day on the mobile.


Are you spending the day on computers for work?
Do you make a salary out of social media activities?
If not, I reckon it is important to realize that life happens when you look up and around you, certainly not on your screen.
So, how can you be more mindful around electronics?
Here are my two cents on the topic.

1. Take a day off
Weekends days are probably the best if you like to take a day off your phone.  Feel free to celebrate with something you really like to do. Don’t you know that with a little unplugging you can get more creative, your brain will be more productive after a break and that a single day off devices can improve cognitive functioning?

While you enjoy some hands-free time, try to think about how you use your phone or electronics:
Do they add value to your life?
Do you consume more than what you create?
In addition, are they a tool to improve your relationships somehow?

2. Get to know your time-wasters
Is Instagram putting too much pressure into your life, in terms of time or comparison or both?
First of all, stop and think about the fact that probably none of the lives you see portrayed on the app are perfect as they seem: the majority of people are as stressed as you are and if they are not, they’re probably hiding something behind the camera that you don’t see. You are very normal, do not worry.

Now that we are on the same page, do you still enjoy some time on the app? Me too! Just use the native tool of the app to set up a limit of time you want to dedicate to IG.
Moreover, do you need help to figure out where you spend most of the time while you browse on the internet? Try Time Tracker and your web-browsing rabbit holes will be improved in no time with such a simple tool.

3. Turn off notifications
Schedule the time of the day you need to plan, work, watch or browse on your electronics.
For example, schedule time to check and respond to your emails.
When you finish the task(s) of the day, you are ready to turn off all sounds of whatever notification exists on your device. There won’t be the need to be alerted about anything: now you can relax!

4. Out of sight, out of mind
Find a way to not check your phone every minute. Your computers and phones are charging in your living room? Place them instead in a place far from your reach: in a box or in a wardrobe so it isn’t easy to take a quick look at it.
You can even define phone free zones in your house, like the bedroom. Or phone free situations, like while driving (it’s scary how many people have their phones in their hands when they drive!), crosswalks (dangerous too), restaurants or cinema: I assure you, it’s not nice trying to have a conversation with someone holding a phone).

5. Resist
If you are not used to be free from your phone, initially it will probably be hard. You will start to wonder who emailed you and what happens on Facebook. Relax: you can find out later, or tomorrow.
Remember that technology is designed to improve our lives and not to make us slaves of a screen.

Most importantly: unplugging from electronic devices is a habit.
Instead of looking at your phone, replace this habit with another.
In need of ideas?
Read a book
Take a walk
Try a new recipe
Take a nap
Write a letter
Take care of yourself!

And moreover, be kind to yourself because it takes time to build a new habit.
Baby steps: one little act of kindness to yourself, every day.

To next week with a new topic about how to simplify your life!
Thanks for reading,
xo, Chiara

About the author
Hi, I’m Chiara, an Italian landed in Zürich in 2011. I like to help people finding their way to the sustainable use of social media, without sacrificing results. I like to write about mindfulness and all things real.


  1. Go running or work out
    Bake a cake (or bread)
    Write something important to remember
    Play an instrument
    Make love!

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